For the adventuresome angler!

For those who like experiencing life on the edge – offer shark charters. There are many different shark species and an abundance of them in the New England Coastal waters from mid July through late October.

Some sharks – the Mako, and Thresher – make for wonderful culinary treats. Porbeagles, also known as the ‘Mackeral’ shark also add to the mix and is a cousin to the Mako. This too can make for a tasteful treat! Other sharks are best for a catch and release program.

Shark Fishing Techniques

Shark fishing usually involves drifting and chumming with set baits deployed behind the boat on floats. We use fresh Herring and Mackerel, that we catch on our journey out of Gloucester harbor, as bait. There is nothing like watching a large Mako shark take to the air as it goes for the kill diving for our bait.


$1600 (up to 5 people) FULL DAY – 12 hours ($1400 if you Book by April 1st)
$1250 (up to 5 people) PARTIAL DAY – 9 hours