Fat Tuna Guides uses Under Armour Gear because of their Universal Guarantee Of Performance. They call it UGOP. It means that every Under Armour product is doing something for you: it’s making you better. Their logo is our guarantee.

Costa constructs the clearest sunglasses on the planet for those who live to be on the water. Born on the water, they’re inspired by it. Like Fat Tuna Guides, Costa wants to be on the water, protect the water supplies, and inspire others to do the same.

From an angling perspective, every individual who has owned and enjoyed using Shimano tackle has a reason to thank a Japanese visionary named Shozaburo Shimano, who in 1921 declared “I aim to make Shimano’s products the best in Kansai, then the best in Japan, and finally the best in the world.”

For over 80 years, Shimano has concentrated on precision engineering, one step at a time. Creating the most innovative products and processes you can hold in your hand today.


Back in the summer of 2012, with very little money, and passion for fly fishing, owners Matt and Lauren Kelleher opened Capefish Clothing Co. They thought that if they could somehow offer quality outerwear, casual clothing and fly fishing equipment that lasts and looks good, and provide it locally, it just might be a worthwhile combination.

With some of the best brands on the market, local fishing guides on staff, and over 15 years of apparel experience, Capefish Clothing Company has much to offer. Conveniently located in South Hamilton, Massachusetts and online, Capefish offers anglers and fly fishermen exactly what they are looking for!

Simrad makes the electronic instruments for professional fish finding and fishery research

With more than 50 years of experience in design and manufacturing of advanced fishery sonars, echo sounders and net instruments – Simrad is the world’s most recognized brand in professional fish finding equipment. They always take pride in offering fisherman worldwide, the best tools for efficient, selective and sustainable fishery.

Simrad is a part of Kongsberg Maritime’s Subsea division and as such a part of the Kongsberg Group. They are a forerunner in the electronic technology for commercial fishery and fishery research.

Check us out in the upcoming Fishing Guides & Charters guide by Inflatable Paddler!

After years of schlepping heavy gear around, we discovered the world of inflatables. The convenience and portability of inflatable boats, kayaks, and SUPs was a game-changer for us, and we know it will be for you too.

This site is an outlet for us to share the gear we believe in. On these pages, you’ll find the stuff we love and recommend to others — day in, and day out.

With 50+ years of combined on-the-water experience, Kusler Yachts gets the job done in an efficient and professional manner. The owner’s boating background began as a child, fishing the eastern seaboard from points North off of Cape Cod to the Florida Keys. Formative years include working in a tackle and boating dealership for one the country’s most renowned giant bluefin tuna fisherman.

Their objective is to give you what you want, when you want it.